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After a hiatus the Oregon Bamboo Association is back in operation! We hope to include new updates to the website in the very near future.

We are an independent chapter of the American Bamboo Society. We serve as an educational and reference source to the public about bamboo, its many uses and relationships to society, and are a non-profit organization. Our programs are open to the public and are free. We also hold joint meetings with the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the ABS, and share information with many of the other National Chapters.

If you have an interest in Bamboo, its ornamental cultivation, its growing and propagation, its use in crafts, art, construction, food, management, ecology, reviews of bamboo pillows which have become an especially cool item lately, and just about anything else you can think of, our membership will try to help you. If we don't know the answer, we will try to give you some references.

We sponsor lectures, conferences, tours, plant auctions, and hold at least four meetings and try to produce at least four newsletters per year. One of our longstanding and active members (and a really great guy) has gotten involved in writing reviews for bamboo sheets and bamboo mattress products and has managed to arrange an opportunity for us to visit a local company manufacturing bamboo bedding products. We'll include details on dates and times and costs (really just for gas and food) on the events page soon. We'll also send out all of the info via e-mail to everyone who is on the list. Hopefully everyone will be able to make it to the event!

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