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The Oregon Bamboo Association tries to have at least FOUR general meetings during each year. Our annual meeting for the election of officers is around the second weekend in March of every year. We also support the PNW chapter of the ABS.

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The Annual Meeting of the American Bamboo Society will be held in the Pacific Northwest in Tacoma, Washington, from October 1st through 4th!

Details to be posted as they become available.


July 11, 2009, McKenzie Valley Bamboo, Springfield, OR, 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Please navigate to the "Source List" page for contact information.

Combined OBA and PNW Campout. Members may arrive Friday and stay through Sunday.

Schedule: TBA
2009 OBA meeting dates and locations are as follows:

July 11th, Saturday, at McKenzie Valley Bamboo Noon to 4 PM, McKenzie Valley Bamboo, Springfield, Oregon. Combined OBA and PNW Campout. Members may arrive Friday and stay through Sunday.

July 25th PNC - Portland, OR

August or September 26th, Saturday, at Dain and Suya Sansome's Bamboo Valley in Albany, OR, or President Scott's.


Most Recent Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes Saturday, May 16, 2009:

On May 16, 2009, 1:30 PM, the Oregon Bamboo Association held a general membership meeting.
Current President Scott Hill, called the meeting to order and requested that Board Member Gib Cooper act as facilitator for the meeting. Board members present were Scott Hill, Gib Cooper, Michael JamesLong, and Ian Connor.

Secretary JamesLong gave a membership report. The OBA has 32 primary members, 2 OBA only members, and 56 total members. According to ByLaws Article VII, Section 4, Paragraph a), a quorum was present at the meeting for business purposes.

Secretary Michael JamesLong was called upon to give the Treasurers report because acting treasurer Barbara Theus withdrew from her position in late March and Mike volunteered to step in until the end of fiscal year 2009.

Treasurer JamesLong passed around current copies of the Income Statement and current Balance Sheet. We have had income of $415.00 for 2009 and our total assets are $6,740.42. Mike also reported he had filed IRS short form 990-EZ on April 9, 2009, and the Oregon Justice Department form CT-12 also on April 9, 2009, for the OBA fiscal year of 2008. It was moved by Galyn Carlile and seconded by Ian Connor to accept the Treasurer Reports. Motion passed.

Secretary Michael JamesLong brought up the fact that renewal requests had been sent around in previous months and also published in the newsletter distributed by Gib Cooper. It was noted that William Schaenzer had not renewed his OBA membership for 2009. It is a violation of OBA ByLaws to be a Board Member and not be an active OBA member. Also, a Board member’s demographics are required to be entered into Federal and State forms that are filed. It was moved by Michael JamesLong and seconded by Ian Connor that William Schaenzer be removed from Board membership. Motion Passed.

Ian Connor reported that the government wants one quaranteen station. Bamboo imports would come in there and after a year the recipient would be notified. Yet unsolved is the obvious differences between species of Bamboo and the need for different environments. There is one point of contact between the USDA and the ABS, which is Bill King.
Ian Connor then reported upon the upcoming National ABS meeting preparations to be held in Tacoma Washington, by the Pacific Northwest Chapter in October. Everything seems to be running smoothly with events and lectures suitable for all interests. Registration applications are available on the ABS website under Events.

The remainder of the business meeting concerned the lack of continuing participation in OBA chapter events and volunteerism. The current Board Members and Officers have reached Burn Out and have concluded that we will try to stimulate some interest in the remaining few months of 2009 for volunteerism, but if other members are not willing or able to be more involved then the Board will present the membership with options and discussion for dissolution of the OBA in the late fall.

The unofficial minutes, Michael JamesLong, Secretary, OBA

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